Sunday, May 15, 2011

Maths Performance Task - Personal Reflection

(I) Role of Statistics in Real Life
In my opinion, statistics is like collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data. Data can be represented by histograms,dot diagram and many more other graphs. It can show people information about their activities. Example. Amount of water they use everyday to the amount of people in singapore. I have seen bar graphs and line graphs in news about frequency of crimes or deaths of people in a certain place. In newspaper articles, they uses graphs to enable the reader to infer easier without reading in depth.

(II) Learning Experience
Our group worked step by step towards our goal. We split up to do different things like me doing the scoping and the rest finding the bus services and determining the zones and neighborhood. Our strengths are that we can communicate well regardless of the situation. We could also be serious in our roles or duties. Ruo yu and mark were supposed to make the scape of the poster and the conclusion of the graphs. Yi de was making the introduction. I was leading them while also doing the rest of the jobs like writing the inference and the conclusions beside the graphs.

Some challenges can be that sometimes we get distracted by other factors that we left our jobs undone. Regardless, the other group members still called him to focus on his work. Also, we could have some technical problems like unable to send the data around. We still stayed on and continue to send through email and other ways. If i have another project, I would organise my members better and give them more things to occupy and let them contribute as much as they can. While me the leader, leads them, i would ensure them not to quarrel within each other.